Distribution in Europe:


Our 4 objectives for a newly reinvigorated "Kluson" products are a result of converting their production technology and 50s design in the way the old Kluson company would have done it if they would have continued to exist.

  • To be able to offer optically authentic replacement tuners to guitar collectors to replace their old and worn originals.
  • To develop such tuners with todays modern technical machinery.
  • To position the brand name Kluson additionally into the more modern technique of closed-type tuners.
  • To develop more high class products bearing the name "Kluson".

We are quite proud to carry the Kluson traditional to the new century by using the new manufacturing processes developed over the last 4 decades. By using high-grade steel gears we have set a new benchmark of quality.

Our "Vintage-Classic" models use the original gear ratio of 1:15, all closed-type tuners (with or without locking mechanism) work a little more fine using  an 1:18 gear. The locking mechanisms of our 2 different types of locking tuners have safety catches and can never get lost by turning loose of the housings – something that happens often with tuners of other manufacturers!

KLUSON is a registered trademark all over Europe of Dieter Gölsdorf.
All KLUSON products are distributed in Europe through göldo music GmbH.