Distribution in Europe:

Court of Munich for Göldo!

There is an American company having filed the brand name Kluson for theirselves in the USA the same like we did here in Europe.

What is resulting out of that is quite easy: We - Göldo Music - are not allowed to export our Kluson tuners to the USA, and they - WD/ TonePros - are not allowed to export Kluson tuners to Europe. Anything being shipped nevertheless is illegal!

And at least we have recently strengthened our preliminary injunction against Warwick, the European TonePros-importer by an order of the court of Munich.


If anybody in Europe should claim to have "better rights" on the brand name KLUSON he is told to be at least in error! KLUSON is a registered trademark all over Europe of Dieter Gölsdorf.
All KLUSON products are distributed in Europe through göldo music GmbH.