Traditional Tuners - Double Line Series

KLUSON Vintage TunersIn the 60s they changed to the "double line" KLUSON DELUXE stamp - the lines KLUSON and DELUXE vertically on the left and right of the hole. Gear ratio 1:15.

MC6LN/G KLUSON Vintage Double-Line

Reproduction of Kluson tuners beginning of the 60s with "Double Line" stamp. Oval metal buttons.

Varieties: 6-left

Colors: nickel, gold


MC33N/G KLUSON Double Line "Tulip"

For old Les Pauls. Tulip buttons.

Varieties: 3+3

Colors: nickel, gold


M33JP KLUSON Double Line "Junior"

For Les Paul Junior. Cream-coloured, oval plastic buttons.

Varieties: 3+3

Colors: nickel